Eero is here to make:

travel — comfortable
delivery — speedy
transportation — efficient

Welcome to the world of well-designed solution for the transportation industry. We're starting with two brands: Aeroadynes and PolyPRT. These two have as primary mission to provide convenient, seamless journey both within congested agglomerations and outwith them.

How about a few hours in traffic when you're already running late? No, thank you? Take PolyPRT — it's much better than a bus, just as fast as the subway, but gets you from A to B directly just like a car.

Enjoying spending the entire day at train stations and airports? Changing and hopefully not missing you connection? Or do you rather drive for hours on end? Neither? Jump into your roadable aircraft. Aeroadynes gets you from your doorstep, lets you take to the air from the nearest VTOL pad, fly most of the route at high speed and high altitude, land within a few minutes from your destination, and drive the infamous "last mile" — all in the same, beautifully designed vehicle.